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Finding the proper housing option for the most senior and deserving members of our national community is one of the top priorities of our Firm.  Blessed to participate in significant work across the country, FAI is unsurpassed in excellence, skill, knowledge and experience.  Our Work illustrates our commitment to our clients and to their clients, the senior in need of housing, care and dignity.

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Rare is the opportunity for design, construction and architecture to impact life, health and wellness.  FAI has, since its inception, specialized in and focused on these opportunities.  Through hospitals, and physician-operated spaces, the Firm’s focus, dedication and passion for improving lives has been realized.

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Our core values and beliefs manifest themselves in our General Practice to provide exceptional and unexpected quality, speed, design and client service.  Our specializations enhance, rather than prohibit, our participation in less specialized fields.  Our portfolio in this sector serves as our illustration of these facts.

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