Fouse Architecture & Interiors, PC

During the Pre-Design phase, FAI’s role is to help our clients set the agenda for the project by defining specific goals, qualifying all requirements and identifying anticipated hurdles. 


This phase can involve:


· Strategic Planning

· Property & Building Assessments

· Existing Conditions Survey

· Site Analysis

· Programming

Cost Evaluations

Strategic Planning


In Architecture, design is used as a tool for problem solving and the end result should be a reflection of the programmatic and stylistic needs of the end user or client.  The process that FAI undertakes is one that generates ideas and inspires collaboration with our clients.  Each resulting project represents our shared quest for a solution of grace, beauty, and functionality, while always respecting the clients' needs and expectations. 


This phase can involve:


· Feasibility Surveys

· Site & Master Planning

· Schematic Design

· Design Development

· Construction Documentation


Architectural Planning & Design

During the Construction Administration phase of a project FAI administers the construction contract between the Client and the Contractor that is based on the drawings and specifications which our team has produced.  FAI also acts as the Client’s advocate during construction by observing the construction for conformance with the drawings and specifications, providing clarifications to the drawings where needed and making requested and approved modifications to the design during construction. 


FAI will also review:


· Contractor Requests for Information

· Contractor Requests for Payment

· Cost Change Orders

· Construction progress to verify conformance w/ the budget & schedule

Construction Contract Administration

At FAI our goal is to build a professional family and to see to it that our client relationships do not end with the completion of a project but transform into a partnership that has future added benefits for all participants. 


Some of these include:


· Warranty Review & Oversight

· Post Occupancy Evaluation

· Validating life-cycle performance projections

· Enhancing knowledge to develop design guidelines for particular clients future facilities



FAI:              Our Role

Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made at the initial stages.  The benefits of early analysis are the effects that team members, material selection, equipment systems, techniques and schedules will have on a projects time and cost.  FAI combines our skilled professionals with an open collaborative approach designed to provide clients with these assessments and our recommendations to help them make timely and informed decisions with the goal of optimizing value, controlling costs, and meeting aggressive schedules.


This phase can involve:


· Project Management including Budget Analysis & Scheduling

· Value Engineering/ Scope Reduction

· Permitting & Approvals

· Contractor Pre-Qualification

· Bidding & Negotiation


FAI:              Services

Somewhat deservingly, the Architect’s role in design and construction is misunderstood by both clients and the construction community as a whole. 

FAI, first and foremost, focuses on what an Architect should be: an instrument to realize a client’s dreams, visions or goals.  We are problem solvers who utilize our skills to create a complete and successful interpretation of an Owner’s intention.

Regardless of contract, project, or convention, FAI exists to serve its client’s goals and visions.  We strive, daily, to redefine the general understanding of our profession and our craft.